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Vision for a Relevant Spiritual Community

Inspired people walk the Way of Christ when a dynamic vision is practiced and realized through a sacred, historic and relevant gospel message.

Our world is changing so rapidly it is difficult at times to keep up with the latest but these changes also offer new opportunities: for communication, collaboration, outreach, organizing and sharing information among people across a wide geographical area. Just as technology is a powerful tool in science, commerce, entertainment, communication and a host of other endeavors, it can be a tool for doing God’s work: spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ, growing our faith community and nurturing each other with love and compassion.

I am convinced there is an urgent need for technologically informed, creative and visionary responses from the Church if it is to remain relevant and a vehicle for change in the future. The human touch and spiritual kinship are still paramount, and now these can be aided and amplified by the new technologies. Connectivity is key to the future of our nation’s now-contracting religious institutions. But we must be on the forefront of these trends, not chasing from behind. We need to use technology and data to inform, educate and collaborate, to harness the energies, ideas and enthusiasm of our organizations, constituencies and communities.


In all of this, we must move in love, ever mindful of our mission to nurture both the human and the divine in ourselves and those we serve, and live in the light of Christ. We must collaborate and be a spiritual solution-bearer to the multi-generational, multi-cultural, socio-economic communities we serve and will serve. We must be relevant by using our creative energies together in liturgy, music, art, outreach, marketing and branding. We must have constant leadership training and collegial cross-pollination so the best ideas and best practices emerge and bear fruit. We must care for each other and bring each other along instead of working as independent isolated franchises.

Embracing a 21st-century collaborative team-based approach, where information is shared across networks in an open transparent exchange are essential to mission of the church. We can then become nimble and able to impart the Gospel in many venues, from church buildings to cloud architecture. We need more spiritual apps, online Bible study groups, wish list boards, spiritual hubs, learning and cultural centers, art centers, tech and coding centers, and regional dynamic youth and college groups. 

I believe we can do this together, by using the gifts and talents we already possess. If we simply pool our talent and empower each other to serve, the gospel message will be amplified and accessible to the wider community, and the community will respond.

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