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Building Lives & Connecting Communities

My goal is to provide you with the spiritual architecture to build a relationship with God in the 21st century. Through worship, study, and community we encounter the divine and grow in a spiritual life. Discovering that everyone is called to ministry, no matter what age, opens the door to endless possibilities. Understanding our neighbor’s needs and dreams is the first step in understanding how and if we can help this troubled world.


I believe the future rests on successful models that connect the globe, engage us in meaningful dialog, and take action with communities of color, religion, and the diverse human family in an enlightened and transformational way. Today’s entrepreneurs are collaborating to create a better world with open shared platforms that are replicable and we can play in the same arena.  Social media, machine learning and augmented intelligence will allow connectivity to the cyber highway and byways and engage the world in a more profound, dynamic, and relevant way.

As a leader of spiritual growth and personal development, I am available to provide the following services: 

  • Spiritual consulting services for individuals or groups

  • Religious services for life events 

  • Motivational guest speaker

  • Retreat leadership

  • Church growth consulting

  • Religious architecture seminars

People are looking for a deep spiritual connection, the beauty and mystery of the sacred, ancient traditions with a modern flair, but they will only be drawn in by a safe, in-touch, socially responsible community that personally affects them. They are looking for the real deal, a faith defined not by what they can’t do, but by what they can build and accomplish through vision and a highly interactive community.


We have the technology and the Spirit to engage the world. Let’s get started!


Cindy +

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